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Why Tree Removal and Stump Grinding Is So Important For Your Property

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If you have trees on your property that you don't really want or need, it's good to have them removed, even if they're healthy. Pulling up or grinding old tree stumps is also very important for the health of your yard and even your home itself. Note why this is, and then you can ensure your property is always in the best shape possible and is protected from any potential danger.


Deer and other wildlife may find their way to your property to chew on tree bark, or eat the leaves on low-hanging branches. While you may not think this is a problem for a tree you don't want to keep, any wildlife attracted to your property can also start to feed on, trample, and otherwise severely damage your flowerbeds, hedges, and shrubbery. Wildlife on your property may also start to feed on trees that you do want to keep, stripping healthy bark and leaves, and causing damage to that tree. To avoid making your yard a place where wildlife tend to visit, remove any trees that you don't want, and have tree stumps grinded and removed, as their bark can also attract unwanted animals.


Squirrels can nest inside trees and use the branches to make the way to the home's attic, where they then might build a new nest, causing damage to the home's building materials. Ants might also colonize around tree stumps and trunks of decaying trees, and then make their way to the inside of your home. Termites also may nest in unwanted trees or tree stumps on the property, and then continue toward your home, looking for another food source. In turn, they can start to feed on the home's wood framework. Have older trees uprooted and stumps grinded and removed, in order to protect your yard and your home from these pests.


Unwanted trees and tree stumps will have roots that could be very dangerous to anything that is underground, including buried plumbing pipes, wires, and cables. Those roots can also wrap themselves around the foundation of the home or any outbuilding, causing a foundation to crack and suffer water damage and leaks. Rather than wait for all that damage to happen, and then face some very expensive repairs in addition to having a tree or old stump removed, have an unwanted tree uprooted now and have any old stumps on your property grinded and removed, so their roots won't continue to grow and won't cause that damage.