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Tree Pruning Tips To Promote Growth and Improve Visual Appeal

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Tree pruning is a crucial exercise that improves tree appearance and gives trees an overall healthy look. Regular pruning of young trees allows them to develop a sturdy structure that will require fewer corrections in the future. Conversely, trimming mature trees helps get rid of problematic limbs and promotes overall growth. Whether you are pruning young or old trees in your yard, you should follow these tips to boost growth and improve visual appeal.

Look for damaged and diseased branches

Damaged and diseased branches adversely affect tree growth and appearance. Tree diseases cause stunted growth and affect the tree's ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Thus, before pruning your tree, look out for any dead, damaged or diseased branches. Below are some signs to look for:

  • Yellow or brown leaves
  • Cracks on the branches
  • Rust on leaves
  • Peeling trunk
  • Branches with no living buds

Removing dead and damaged branches reduces the risk of injury to the trunk. Similarly, pruning diseased branches prevents the disease from spreading to the trunk. However, besides pruning, it's vital to treat infected trees with fungicides to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Remove low, obstructive branches

Young trees usually develop low branches that can be obstructive and dangerous. For example, low branches with a lot of foliage can shade plants in your yard and prevent them from accessing adequate air and sunlight. Consequently, the plants may experience stunted growth. By pruning low branches on your trees, you allow the plants below to access sufficient airflow and sunlight.

Low branches can ruin the visual appeal of your trees. Pruning them allows the tree's trunk and form to come into view. It gives the tree a beautiful shape, especially if you want to shape its canopy. Removing low-hanging branches also prevents accidents and injuries. You don't have to worry about the branches poking you in the face as you walk around the yard. 

Get rid of dangerous limbs

Large trees may have dangerous limbs that can cause property damage and injury. For example, if branches are overhanging your roof, they can break off and hit your roof during a storm. Some branches also grow towards power lines and cause electrical hazards in the home. When pruning your tree, look out for risky limbs and get rid of them. However, note that you shouldn't attempt to prune tall trees by yourself. If the branches are over six meters above the ground, it's advisable to hire professional help.

Proper tree pruning can improve the health and appearance of your tree and increase safety in your yard. Contact a tree service for tree pruning services.