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Common Reasons to Remove a Tree

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How do you know when it's time to remove a tree? When you're particularly fond of that large structure that grows in your garden, parting with it may feel painful. However, if it's no longer serving a purpose then it's time for it to go. Here are some reasons you may want to use a tree removal service.

Storm Damage

Severe storms can cause trees to become unstable. When a storm results in your tree loosening at the roots, there's a risk it will fall down and harm others. Additionally, it may affect surrounding structures such as your fence or even your house. If you're unsure as to whether you can stabilise the tree, try asking an arborist. They may be able to lop some of the branches and secure it instead. Otherwise, they'll have to remove the tree for your safety.

Dead Tree

It's sometimes difficult to determine whether a tree is dead. Some common signs include fungus growing around the base, branches becoming brown and brittle, and thinning foliage. Although dead trees don't pose an immediate risk, they do attract pests such as ants, termites and rats. They'll also affect your property's curb appeal, which is less than ideal when you're trying to sell it. If you do choose to remove the tree, ask the person carrying out the work whether the location is suitable for a replacement. 

Dangerous Diseases

Not all tree diseases are dangerous. Some may spread easily to surrounding trees and plants, though. When this is the case, it's occasionally better to remove the tree altogether than to risk partially treating the disease and spreading it to other areas of your garden. Before you make your final decision, ask a professional to assess the extent of the disease and provide an overview of whether you're likely to treat it successfully.

Intrusive Roots

Your tree needs its roots to remain stable. However, if those roots start to intrude on structures such as your home, you should consider removing the tree altogether. Intrusive roots also have the potential to invade pipes and cause plumbing issues. If you do use a tree removal service, try looking into replacement trees that don't have such far-reaching roots. That way you can enjoy all the perks of having a tree without worrying about the impact on your property's structure.

If you do decide to remove a tree, never do the work yourself. Always use a professional so that the task is performed correctly the first time around.