Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees

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How to Deal with Your Tree's Canker Sores

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Have you ever had a mouth ulcer (also known as a canker sore)? These small irritations are not exactly pleasant, but they generally subside quickly enough without causing you any further harm. This is not always the case when one of your backyard trees has a canker sore. This is the general term applied when a tree becomes irritated due to a fungus or environmental factors. The cankers themselves might be nodules on the surface of the branches or trunk, a discolouration, or a small sunken patch. Read More»

How Can Tree Roots Damage Your Home's Foundation?

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Trees can make a wonderful feature in your outside space. However, trees are alive, and they keep growing as they age. This can be a problem when the tree starts to lean, overhang another property, or simply grow large enough to block out your view. However, there’s a more serious problem; as they grow, roots spread further, and that can disturb the foundation of your home. How Do Tree Roots Disrupt the Soil? Read More»