Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees

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Tree Removal: 5 Factors That Affect the Cost

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Are you thinking of hiring a tree felling company to remove a tree on your property? Then you are probably wondering how much that might cost you. The truth is that all tree removal jobs are unique. One price doesn’t fit all — in fact, several factors can affect the price of tree removal. Therefore, a good place to start when calculating your likely outlay is to determine whether the following five factors will play a part in your tree’s removal. Read More»

Why Your Tree Has Water Sprouts and What to do about Them

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Have you noticed one or more strange upright stems growing from your tree’s trunk or branches? Those bundles of branch-like stems are known as water sprouts. The reason they look so out of place is that they shouldn’t be there. Water sprouts are a sign that your tree is under stress. Stress Results in Water Sprouts In a natural setting, such as a forest, water sprouts are a tree’s means of saving itself if it is badly hurt. Read More»

Four Reasons to Remove the Stump of a Felled Tree

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Summer in Australia is coming to an end, and that means the weather is more settled and you can now tend to those outdoor tasks which have been postponed due to summer storms. If you recently had a dead tree removed during summer to prevent it from becoming a storm hazard, you now need to deal with the removal of the tree stump. Part of you is probably considering leaving it there, but there are a number of reasons why you should not. Read More»