Growing and Maintaining Healthy Trees

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Why Silver Maples are the Gold Standard when it Comes to Carpenter Ant Habitats

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Ants are renowned for their ability to exist symbiotically with nature. Ants protect and farm aphids and receive sweet honey-dew in return, ants also create their own fungus gardens, and they protect trees from leaf-eating pests. However, some ants, such as the carpenter ant, can be quite destructive when they take advantage of a nearby natural resource. Silver maples, while able to provide shade relatively quickly, growing 3-7 feet a year, are prone to having weak and brittle branches. Read More»

When Trees Become Scratching Posts: How to Prevent Cats From Carving Up Your Trees

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Like any animal with nails, cats need a trim every now and then. Dogs have owners to trim theirs; humans have nail clippers, and cats, well, they pretty much use whatever they can get their claws into! Unfortunately, tree bark is of just the right texture and grain to give cats the claw sharpening they need. But cats don’t just use trees as sharpening posts. They also use them to mark their territory, and, sadly, this is also done via claw. Read More»

Tips for Relocating Young Plants in Summer

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You have finished work on your lawn, and all that remains is the addition of plants. With climatic temperatures at an all time high, you need to be extremely careful when transporting plants from the wholesale nursery to your garden. Factors such as heat and direct sunlight are enemies to small plants; therefore, you need to consider carefully how the plants are going to reach your garden unharmed. While summer is not the best time to transport young plants over long distances, find out tips that will ensure their safety. Read More»

Separating the Fact From Fiction When It Comes to Tree Removal

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Even though mature trees can add value to your property and make your outdoor space look more inviting, and provide needed shade for your home and lawn, there are times when such a tree simply needs to be removed. This is typically true if the tree is decaying, infested with termites, or outright dead and beyond any restoring. If you’re thinking of having a tree removed on your property, note a few common questions and misconceptions about this process, and then discuss the option with a tree removal expert as needed. Read More»