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Top Queries You Should Ask Your Tree Removal Contractor

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Choosing to have a tree removed is one of the vital decisions you can make to keep your home and loved ones protected. This is usually important when you know you have a dead or diseased tree or branches growing towards the power lines.

Tree removal also comes in handy when a tree gets damaged due to natural calamities. But before starting this project, it's vital to ask your tree removal contractor several questions to verify if they can handle the job properly. Highlighted below are some queries you can ask.

What's the job procedure?

Knowing how the tree removal contractor will handle the job is essential, mainly if it is complex. So, be sure to ask the expert how they intend to do the work to identify if they have the knowledge and resources.

A good tree removal contractor will ask for the job details and even visit your premises to assess everything. This helps them create a viable work plan. They will even confirm if you have special requests so they can incorporate your needs into their plan. For instance, you may want to use the pieces of wood in your home or not need them at all. If the contractor can create a customised work procedure, then they know their work.

Will you be liable for any damages?

Generally, tree removal is a complex task that's associated with many risks. For this reason, it's vital to ask the contractor if they have an insurance plan that covers damage expenses in case mishaps happen.

A good contractor will have an insurance plan. Ask if they can offer an updated copy of the certification to verify if they have proper coverage. Suppose they have a liability or worker's compensation. In that case, they are likely great at their job since insurance companies don't just cover people or companies that aren't proficient in their work.

How long will the work take?

Due to the risks involved in tree removal, you might prefer sending your loved ones away when the work is being done. To make these plans, you will need to know how long the process will take. Tree removal project timings vary depending on the complexity of the work. For example, bringing down a large tree will take longer compared to trimming several branches.

After assessing the scope of work and considering other factors that determine the work speed, like the equipment to be used and the number of people on the team, your contractor should give a reasonable timeline.

For more information, contact a local tree removal contractor.