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Tree Removal: 5 Factors That Affect the Cost

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Are you thinking of hiring a tree felling company to remove a tree on your property? Then you are probably wondering how much that might cost you. The truth is that all tree removal jobs are unique. One price doesn't fit all — in fact, several factors can affect the price of tree removal.

Therefore, a good place to start when calculating your likely outlay is to determine whether the following five factors will play a part in your tree's removal. You can then more accurately calculate the likely cost.

1. Safety Concerns

The primary factor for any tree removal job is safety. If a tree removal service evaluates your tree and deems its removal to come with health and safety risks, they will charge more. The following tree safety concerns could increase the price of removal.

  • Close proximity to utility lines.
  • Poor tree condition, for example, a dead tree or one with multiple dead branches.
  • Precarious location, such as sandwiched between two structures.

These factors would require specialized equipment and highly experienced tree removal experts.

2. Risks to Public and Private Property

If removing your tree means that the tree removal experts need to take extra care not to damage nearby structures like public pavements and roads or your neighbour's property, for example, the cost of the job will be higher.

3. Disposal of the Wood After Removal

Unless you plan to use the wood left after your tree's removal, you will probably have to pay for its removal. Some tree removal services also offer wood chipping to break down a tree into chips using a wood chipper. Moreover, you can also pay to have the tree cut into smaller sections that you can use as firewood or have taken away.

Whatever service you choose, you will have to pay more for disposal of the tree.

4. Size of the Tree and Its Location

Naturally, the taller and bulkier the tree, the more difficult and time-consuming its removal will be. For instance, if a large tree towers over its surroundings and is in a location that is difficult to reach, a crane will be necessary to remove it. This will add to the cost. However, the extra cost should be worth it to ensure the tree's safe removal.

5. Services Included

Tree removal services offer more than just tree removal. It is often wise to remove the stump along with the tree, as tree stumps take up valuable space and cause the ground to settle as they rot. Some services will grind the stump out for a price, and others will dig the stump out. Ensure that you know exactly what you want before settling on a tree service.

Once you have evaluated your tree and its location, you can then begin to search for a suitable tree removal company. Knowing what you want and need beforehand, and how much that will cost, will make negotiations much easier.