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Are Your Tree Habits Driving Your Neighbours Crazy? 2 Ways To Stop Being 'That Guy'!

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Disputes about trees and the damage they cause can create plenty of bad feelings in the neighbourhood. You've been in your first home a few years now, but tree maintenance has never really been your thing. However, this lack of care makes you the talking point of your neighbours, and not in a nice way. Not too sure what you're doing wrong? If you're guilty of these two behaviours, then it's time to clean up your garden.

Fallen trees left to rot

Surely this isn't a problem to your neighbourhood right? An old tree that has fallen on your property doesn't disturb anyone but you. Unfortunately, that's not entirely accurate. Trees left to rot on the ground bring two annoying pests to your garden, and once they are there, there is no guarantee they will not visit your neighbours too. Snakes, for example, love to hide out in dark, cool spots, and that tree could well be home to an Eastern Brown. Secondly, dead trees are loved by termites. Termites do plenty of damage to houses and fences once on your property, so you don't want to encourage them to move in either.

Once a tree falls over, get a tree service to your property to chop it up and haul it away. Not only does it look nicer, but it keeps the pests at bay.

Dead dangerous branches

Summer storm season is not far away, and that means every dying tree branch on your tree is a hazard to both your property and that of your neighbours. Tree branches stripped off trees by the wind can land on cars, people and houses. They also have the potential to cut power to the neighbourhood if they fall on power lines or transformers. If you are not a fan of trimming your trees yourself, a residential tree service can take care of this chore for you.

As a bonus, while they are there pruning your trees, have them do a health check of the roots of your trees. If you arrange for this now, then unhealthy trees can be quickly identified and removed. The only thing worse than a tree branch landing on your house during a storm is having the whole tree follow it.

It's not necessary to be the bad guy in your neighbourhood. Get your local tree service to take care of your garden cleanup this spring, and then you'll be the great guy in the community once more.