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Reasons to Remove a Dead Tree or Tree Stump

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If there is an old tree stump or an obviously dead tree on your property, you may hesitate to have it removed simply because of the time and cost involved, or because you may not think that its removal is all that necessary. However, there are some very good reasons to call a landscaper or tree removal specialist, rather than letting an old tree or a tree stump stay on your property. Note a few of those reasons here, and this will ensure your yard always look its best.


Even a dead tree can be a host to termites and other invasive insects, as can an old tree stump. These pests may then make their way to your garage or the home itself, causing severe damage. Removing an old tree or a stump can then protect your home from this potential risk.

New trees

Dead trees and tree stumps may still have some active roots underground, and these roots may develop offshoots that allow smaller trees to start to grow on your property. These new trees can choke out the soil on the property, and they may quickly sprout and grow strong roots underground, even before you realize they've taken root. Removing them once they've become healthy can be costly and involve damaging excavation on your property.


Stumps are tripping hazards for playing children, and it can be difficult to work a lawnmower or weed trimmer around a stump. Even nudging a stump or old tree can cause damage to your lawn care equipment, or cause a blade to snap off, risking serious injury.

Dead trees are at a higher risk for falling branches and even for the trunk to snap, causing the entire tree to fall. This can cause serious injury to anyone in the path of the tree, as well as severe damage to overhead wires, a garage, a car, your home, and anything else on your property.

Appearance and space

While you may not want new, invasive trees to take root on your property, removing a dead tree or a tree stump can give you the space needed to plant a new tree in its spot. A new tree can enhance the appearance of your property and also provide needed shade for your home and lawn. You might also use that space on the property for a patio area, swing set for the children, flowerbed, storage shed, or any other feature that enhances your property's appearance or that provides needed outdoor storage.