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Tips for Relocating Young Plants in Summer

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You have finished work on your lawn, and all that remains is the addition of plants. With climatic temperatures at an all time high, you need to be extremely careful when transporting plants from the wholesale nursery to your garden. Factors such as heat and direct sunlight are enemies to small plants; therefore, you need to consider carefully how the plants are going to reach your garden unharmed. While summer is not the best time to transport young plants over long distances, find out tips that will ensure their safety.

Lay Plants Down -- If you are planning to do the transportation using an open truck, make sure that you cover the plants with a sturdy fabric to ward off the effects of wind. However, if you do not have access to such a material, the other option is to lay the plants with their soil pots flat on a truck's bed. Doing this will prevent loss of moisture through the leaves. Additionally, make sure that you avoid driving at high speeds because that will affect the plants even if they are laid down. This strategy will only work over short distances since you have to factor in the effects of direct sunlight drying out the plants.

Ventilate Car During Stops -- While shopping for plants, it is not guaranteed that you will find what you require at one particular nursery. Notably, buying from different nurseries will force you to make several stops along the way. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that there is adequate ventilation inside your vehicle. Extreme temperatures inside the car will cause stress to the plants and might lead to wilting. Open the windows or turn on the air conditioning system. Additionally, you can fill a spray bottle with water and spray the plants with a little bit of water to keep them adequately moisturised.

Use a Wheel Barrel -- Transporting plants does not stop when you get to your home because you still have to take them to their respective planting positions on your soon-to-be new lawn. You might decide to carry the plants one by one to the yard, but doing so could expose the plants remaining in the truck. Instead, you should opt to use a wheel barrow since it will allow you to carry more of the plants in one or very few trips, which reduces the amount of time the plants are exposed.